I miei sogni non rimangono a casa
March-April 2020

Photography for me is above all a mental process, the generating spark in most cases is a déjà-vu where, imaginary and realization, coincide forcibly with an imposed process of subtraction.
I am a hypochondriac, in this "unique" period, which has put the right weight on the scale of life, I do not want to overlook the world, for no reason, there are too many fears and above all my state of mind is not adequate and not help, row against.
At night I fall asleep, there are many questions about the future, I can't get peace and when I fall asleep, the unconscious finally does its part and I begin to dream.
“I miei sogni non rimangono a casa” is a small series that was the result of the quarantine. I cannot photograph, therefore I have digitally drawn what I would like to photograph, combining the figures in some cases with sweet past and archived memories. They are images that escape from my interpretations, they will remain there to witness a period of my life that I hope will never return.

Exhibited at “Spazio Libero”, Reggio Emilia, 2020
Exhibited at “A proper distance”, HUB ART Gallery, Milan.