buffetto /bu'f:et:o/ s. m. [voce onomatopeica, affine a buffare]. - [colpetto leggero dato con la mano] ≈ schiaffetto. ↑ ceffone, manrovescio, sberla, scapaccione, schiaffo, schiaffone, scoppola. ↓ carezza.

Define exactly what a city signifies is very complicated.
The reason is that human habitat is basically instable. Cities are in an ever occurring mutation.
We know in every moment that we are urged by the consequences a good or bad architectural environment produces on us: if it didn’t have any effect, it would be just neutral, therefore ‘powerless’.
We are constantly in the pursuit of the right place that makes us happy.
‘Buffetto all’italiana’ aims to focus our attention on locations; it is a nice, gentle flick from eyes which have carefully witnessed an Italian landscape, almost entirely artificial by now.

Exhibited at Bitume Photofest, 2014.