I am in a psychic space of unconcerned indifference, in a transitional state characterized by a watchful quiet and a receptive awareness because for a year now I have decided to abandon myself, to leave the field of my mind free waiting to find the just energy to cultivate myself.
"Maggese" narrates my transhumance, that from Abruzzo to Puglia, an emotionally long journey, a jump in the void full of adrenaline, a new environment where to start again, a largely non-verbal mood, made of images and that it expresses itself in a kinesthetic way. This mood is experienced and expressed largely through silence, even with myself.
I decide to stop and look with the hope of asking myself questions and I begin to notice how within me interests have fossilized that go beyond the planning that follow one another on a fixed basis but which I only notice now that I begin to concern them, these interests are universal and inseparable from where I am. I gradually build a path of sentimental memory, a path to get to know me better through my images.