Effetto farfalla
May 2020 - May 2021

A reference system defines the representation of a map through coordinates.
Is it possible to have an overview without in-depth knowledge of the individual elements?
The single, the unity. Never before has man had such great power, his destiny is linked to his behavior, intelligence and civil sense.
Representing a territory, unknown to me, that coexists with an invisible evil, above all means starting from individual elements, starting with people, extrapolating them from the context and putting them under the magnifying glass, so that small stories can build a broad narrative.
In 2019 I moved from Abruzzo to Puglia, to Grottaglie. With my family we decided to take a home in the historic center, the authentic part of the city, the one experienced by the last, those who believed in the beauty of the ancient and crumbling walls, those who struggle to survive but where the sense of sharing is still I live. A city within a city, not my city, but the one I am trying to make mine also through this rendezvous called photography.

Exhibited at “Spazio Libero”, Reggio Emilia, 2020
Exhibited at “A proper distance”, HUB ART Gallery, Milan.