404 Not Found
The city as the result of a creative act or a construction could be the result definitive of a metaphysics where man "encounters nothing but himself" and, in meeting, he begins to be afraid.
Technology becomes mirror and shield at the same time, it becomes the soul apparently aggregating. Programs that anticipate collective needs and create new illusions broad perspectives, influencing at the same time impressions of others, and how we make vital decisions and create memories about living.
At the same time we witness the homologation of desires and aesthetics, and then to the crumbling of communities and confinement within private property. The return to the individual, to the cave, to the primordial, are therefore not understood in a sense dystopian of historical type, but as a consequence of a failed meeting on a human level.
Our present was the future for someone, our today was tomorrow - near or far - of those who now are not, perhaps, temporally nearer to us, so bonds are created indissoluble between matter and time.
"404 Not Found" is a story in pictures interested in scenarios that we perhaps consider negative but that in the future will be normality: in this sense, our blame on the future could be a hypocritical forgetfulness of the present.

Special mention at the San Fedele Award, 2018.
Winner at Riaperture Foto Festival, 2019.
Exhibited at Festival Fotografia Europea, 2019.
Winner at UP19, 29 arts in progress gallery, Milan, 2019.
Winner at TIP, London, 2019.