The light of the viewer

To know the shape of things, men needs light up on them.
This light role inside reality, and inside art too, is a necessary, essential and meaningful role. The primitive image of the contrast between day and night, originated a peculiar symbolism tight between life and death, good and evil, knowledge and shadows.
Light is intangible, it transcend the substance; where there isn’t light, the performance is rendered by black opacity.
Light absence is the evidence of a solid materiality; the light represents the invisible and the untouchable. The light of the icon is different from natural light. Icon light shines upon the viewer.
That’s what induced me to stop and take a photograph: the light of the viewer! I focused on the clear evidence of an invisible world, enveloping the icon, the world heading it and showing it.

AD ICONA, book published by delloiacono edizioni, 2015.